On the 6th of May a Workshop on adaptive interfaces solutions has been held in Rome, at Deep Blue premises, with the participation of operative controllers, automation experts, interaction design experts and the NINA Consortium (Deep Blue, Sapienza and ENAC).
Several operative high workload scenarios and a set of adaptive solutions to be tested have been generated during the workshop. This material will be useful to develop the second phase of the project, where adaptive interfaces solutions will be triggered based on the current ATCO’s workload.

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NINA project workshop

Progress meeting

On the 5th of May a Progress Meeting has been held in Rome at Deep Blue premises.

A general overview of the project and the results achieved during the First Validation Activity have been discussed and presented to the Project Officer during the meeting. In particular, the participants (Deep Blue, Sapienza and ENAC) described and provided information about:

the literature review on Human Factors concepts,
the experimental platform used during the simulations,
the validation set up, and
the validation results achieved in the first phase of the project.

The results demonstrated that the State Classifier algorithm was able to track the current ATCO’s workload with realistic ATM tasks and environments. Furthermore, the same algorithm was able to differentiate with high discrimination different levels of operator’s performance.
This first phase of the project provided encouraging results, laying the foundation for the second validation.

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NINA project progress meeting