Last Progress Meeting

On the 10th of September the last Project Progress Meeting has been held by Deep Blue, before the second validation activity.

During the meeting, NINA partners from ENACLa Sapienza and Deep Blue discussed about adaptive automation solutions and the final agreement on the validation plan. Participants presented the preliminary activities carried out so far and finalised the planning of the Second Validation. During the first part of the meeting, information about the experimental platform, the schedule of the activities, the validation tools and methods, the SRK analysis, the adaptive automations implemented and the technical shakedown between two platforms have been discussed. The second part of the meeting was more focused on the design of the adaptive interface solutions and the presentation of the preliminary ideas for the advanced adaptive automations.
Everything is ready for the Final Validation that will be held in Toulouse at ENAC’s laboratory setting from the 28th of September until the 2nd of October.

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