EEG recording sessions gallery

EEG (and the other physiologic measures) recording sessions in Toulouse, France at ENAC premises.
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EEG recording sessions

At the beginning of July, Deep Blue, Sapienza Università di Roma and ENAC were involved in some EEG recording sessions in Toulouse (France) at ENAC premises.

These activities, carried out in the first work package of the project, aimed to fine tune the EEG and the other physiologic measures (such as ocular activities and HR) to characterise the cognitive state of the user involved in “ad hoc” designed tasks, both in laboratory and ATM settings.
Data analyses are in progress with the aim to identify the different mental states relevant to the tasks, through a combination of neurometrics and physiologic indicators.

Thanks to all the participants who “lent their head”!

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NINA project poster available

NINA project poster is now available at the Dissemination page!